Scikro provides you Gifford-McMahon and Pulse Tube Cycle Cryocoolers, manufactured by Cryomech, with more than 30 standard configurations available. Working with Cryomech, we are to modify these configurations to easily integrate into your application.Whether you are condensing and liquefying cryogens or conductively cooling your sample, Scikro has the appropriate Cryocooler for you.

​Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Cryomech liquid nitrogen plants include air compressor, membrane separator and dewar with cryorefrigerators. The modular system is to separate N2 and O2 from the compressed air, and N2 is sent to a dewar to be liquefied, and stored in the dewar. A liquid nitrogen machine produce from 10L to 240L a day.

Liquid Helium Management

Scikro can provide you a full set of helium recovery, purification and liquefaction system. Helium recovery rate of our systems is greater than or equal to 98%, and the purity of helium after purification can be ≥99.999%. Helium liquefiers of different models can provide liquefaction capacity from 6L to 60L a day. The Cryomech helium reliquefier can be installed directly liquid helium devices to establish a closed helium loop, so as to realize zero evaporation of liquid helium. These helium liquefiers and reliquefiers are powered by Pulse Tube Cryocoolers, designed with high reliability with long mean times between maintenance


Scikro provide you a variety of Cryomech produced cryostats. All the cryostats use the advanced pulse tube cryorefrigerators with low-vibration and excellent temperature stability.  The vibration of conventional cryostats is about several microns. The vibration of the Ultra-low vibration of cryostats is only about several nanometers. Based on the requirements, the temperature of samples can be stabilized at ~±5K. Cryostats can provide optical windows, the sample space and sample access points. If our existing

cryostats cannot meet your needs, please contact us. We will customized design and manufacture special cryostats to meet the requirements of your experiment.