Scikro provides you Bluefors cryogen-free (dry) dilution refrigerator systems. The refrigerators have the advantages of high quality, robust and easy-to-operate features. The systems use pulse tube refrigerators, and run without the need for liquid helium. One push of a button initiates fully automated cool-down sequence to reduce temperature from room to base temperature. The dilution systems generate cooling temperature ≤ 10mK.

Bluefors dilution refrigerator systems consist of three components: control unit (left), gas handling unit(right) and dilution refrigerator unit(middle).

The control unit contains all electronics, pump controls, pressure and flow readout equipment and pneumatics to control the valves. It connects to the gas handling unit by pneumatic lines and a few electric control lines. All pumps and compressors in the gas handling unit are oil-free and require little maintenance. Committed to deliver highest quality refrigerators, Bluefors only use high quality products, for example, pumps from Varian, vacuum valves from VAT and pressure sensors from Pfeiffer Vacuum. The gas handling unit should preferably be placed in a separate pumping room. Finally this unit connects to the dilution refrigerator unit, which also contains the Cryomech pulse tube cooler.All connections between the different units will be delivered to customer's length specifications.