About us

SciKro (Shanghai) Instruments Co., Ltd. is specialized in the cryogenic system applications, sales and service. The company is located in Shanghai. Subordinate enterprise includes SciKro (Hong Kong) Instruments Limited which is responsible for the import and export business.

SciKro provides cryogenic refrigeration systems which have refrigeration temperatures from few milliKelvin to ~160 Kelvin. Other products include helium recovery system, helium purification and liquefiers, liquid nitrogen generator and liquefiers, cryostat from 1K to 300K, liquid helium & liquid nitrogen dewars, cryogenic thermometer & temperature monitor/controller, and customized non-standard cryogenic equipments and systems.

SciKro is the representatives of many worldwide leading cryogenic equipments and instruments’ manufacturers in China. SciKro is the exclusive sales and service representative of Cryomech in Great China, and several East Asian and Southeast Asian countries. The company is also the exclusive sales and service representative of Bluefors in Great China region (including Hong Kong, Macau), and responsible for for its dilution refrigerator marketing, sales, technical support and after-sales services. In addition, Scikro is the representative of international well-known manufacturers of products such as liquid helium dewars,  liquid nitrogen dewars, cryogenic measurement instruments, magnet system, and etc. 

SciKro is setting up a professional service center in Shanghai which is equipped with advanced testing instruments and equipments. SciKro’s experienced service team can provide diagnose, repair and maintenance for cryorefrigerators, cryogenic systems, cryopumps.

SciKro’s mission statement is: "To provide the cryogenic systems and products with advanced technology, reliable operation and timely service".